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I am a Featured Blog on WordPress!

Featured Blog on WordPress

Okay, so it is under a very specific topic search term for “living in peru”, but I’ll take every little victory as fellow blogger Stopping the Wind will attest to I am sure!   Check it out…and if it is no longer there, then you will just have to take my word on it!  Actually quite a few of my posts show up there…guess there are less people blogging about living in Peru than I thought?  Oh well, small victories, right

Just go to search to topics, and type in the box living in peru, and I should pop up to the top.  That must by why my site traffic went to an all time of 63 people yesterday.  Take that December 3, 2011!  Next goal, triple digits.

(Update: As was pointed out by fellow blogger Harnew in the comments, I guess I found my niche?! )



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