I love mushrooms, must try this this weekend!

Peruvian style ceviche choclo cancha

Just about everyone I know loves Peruvian Ceviche!  The fresh fish cooked by marinated lemon (or here in Peru, by Key Limes) mixed with the Peruvian giant corn (choclo) and that delicious sweet potato (camote) that helps smooth out the tang/tartness…delicious!  But for those of you that don’t eat meat, it can be difficult to understand just what the allure and draw to this dish is all about.  Fear not!  I have procured a fantastic vegetarian equivalent using mushrooms to replace the fish.

Mushrooms are a great substitute because they are light and delicate, just like fish.  Plus, sprinkling a little lemon or lime juice over your vegetables is a great way to zest them up, without adding calories and fat to the dish.  Try this recipe out and let us know what you think!

vegetarian ceviche

Vegetarian Mushroom Ceviche


280 grams / 10 oz fresh mushrooms…

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