10 Things To Do For Free in Lima, Peru

Found this on Wanderlust Magazine online.  Thought it was a pretty decent smattering of free things to do in Lima.

El Malecon de Miraflores

Exactly 100 years after the rediscovery of Machu Picchu, it’s a good time to peruse Peru. And you needn’t spend a single sol exploring its colonial capital.

1. Peer around a palace

The super-organised can join a free 45-minute tour of the Palacio de Gobierno, which includes watching the daily changing of the guard (12 noon); register with the Departmento de Actividades at least 48 hours in advance. www.presidencia.gob.pe/index.asp

Peru White House

2. Inspect the Spanish Inquisition

The Museo del Congreso y de la Inquisición was the HQ of the Spanish Inquisition from 1570 to1820. Prisoners were tortured in the basement; now you can take free tours of the dungeons where creepy, life-sized figures are tortured still.

3. Absorb the Orient

Stroll through the ornate oriental gateway into Barrio Chino, Lima’s Chinatown, to take in the exotic sights and smells of the many chifa (Chinese) restaurants and foodstalls.

4. Spy the best view in town

Casa de Osambela, Lima’s tallest colonial building, was originally built so its owner could see over the countryside to the port, to spy on merchant ships. A free tour is available from the Casa’s current caretaker (tip appreciated); ask to see the roof terrace, from where the sea can still be seen… Just.

5. Loll in the Love Garden

Parque del Amor sits on the cliffs of Miraflores, a massive sculpture of a kissing couple at its soppy heart. Sit with your sweetheart on one of the winding mosaic benches, which are littered with hearts and romantic writings.

6. Watch out for hummingbirds

Head to San Isidro to wander amid the Bosque El Olivar, an olive grove first planted in 1560. It’s developed its own ecosystem and is home to over 30 different species of bird including doves, flycatchers and hummingbirds.

Bosque El Olivar, San Isidro

7. Promenade along La Punta

Come sunset take the bus to La Punta, a crumbling but atmospheric peninsula jutting out into the crashing Pacific. The views are spectacular, across to outlaying islands and over the endless ocean.

8. Hike the cliff-tops

It takes 45 minutes to walk along the coast from Miraflores to Barranco; from up here the surfers braving the cold Costa Verde waters look small indeed. At the Iglesia de la Ermita (Church of the Hermit) in Barranco, wander across the secluded Puente de los Suspiros (Bridge of Sighs) to the ocean lookout.

9. Join a free tour

Every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 12.30pm you can join Lucid Lima on a 90-minute tour of the UNESCO-listed colonial town. No booking required, just show up at Plaza Peru by the small fountain.

10. Catch a performance

The well-tended Parque Kennedy in Miraflores has a small open-air theatre that often holds free entertainment, Thursdays to Sundays. There’s also a craft market most evenings for a bit of browsing.

Parque Kennedy del cielo

10 things to do for free: Lima, Peru | Inspire Me | Wanderlust.



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10 responses to “10 Things To Do For Free in Lima, Peru

  1. A whole list of things to add to my trip! Thank you!

    • Yes! Lima actually has a lot of nice things to see. It has gotten a bad rap over the years and a little derelict, but the city has really been making a turnaround and it shows. And while Incan ruins are nice, sometimes you need a break, and Lima offers a lot of other things, although it does have 2 pre-Incan pyramids in two of the major districts…I live just a few blocks from one!

      • We are considering arriving in Lima a week early to have the freedom to roam before our trip – your post has inspired that…

      • Well, I would say that is more than enough time. Honestly, a week is probably a little too much time to spend in Lima, unless you are thinking of moving here. But, it would give you a chance to do some fun day trips from Lima…like going to Caral. I wrote a post about it here. Honestly, the one thing I would be prepared to do in Lima is make it the week of gastronomy! TONS of EXCELLENT food here in the country, and a great selection available here in Lima. If you can, there is a big food festival in September called Mistura. That would be a great time to come and really let you get a sampling of everything. You will gourge, but oh so worth it!

  2. Great post! Great information – thank you so much.

  3. Great list! There are a few other things you could add to that list, but maybe that can be a part deux! 😉

  4. Glad to have found your blog. It all started with http://www.globallymisguided.com which led me to Rischmöller Real Estate which led me to you! Don’t you just love the net?

    Am coming to Lima and area to discover Peruvian chocolate in March. Looking forward to it!

    • That is excellent! Yes, well, I am glad you followed the crumbs (so to speak!) back to me! I enjoy the Rischmoller Blog quite a bit, as they post on a lot of stuff that I find interesting, but never get around to posting. Work seems to always get in the way of my free time…imagine that? haha Any questions, please feel free to ask. You might try to contact the South American Explorers Club in Lima (www.saexplorers.org) for help if you need it. They are a good resource and can connect you with thousands of people who might have done similar chocolate quests! You have to be a member for them to really help you, but if you do decide to join, tell them Alex recommended you and they might be able to squeeze a discount for you 🙂

  5. Thanks for this great list! It’s nice to see something a bit different than a list of the usual hotspots in Peru 🙂

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