Pre-Inca Mummy Found in Cuzco

Pre-Inca mummy found in Cuzco

Here is something interesting:

Archaelologists in Cuzco were performing recovery work in the Chiñisiri Archaelogical complex when they discovered a mummified body of a child in very good condition in the tombs.  It is believed that the child, maybe 5-6 years old, and about 50 inches tall, is pre-Incan, as many of the tombs found in this site pre-date the Incas.  They think that the child could be from the Wari culture, which flourished from 500-1000 A.D.

I always find it incredibly amazing that things could keep preserved for so long.  It is also pretty amazing that cultures that had no direct contact with each other, could have the same ideas and beliefs about honoring the dead.  Interesting that Ancient Egyptians and this Wari culture would both figure out and use mummification.  I guess this is more proof that no matter what culture you are from or where you live, there are just some things intrinsic to all humans.  Kind of comforting.




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4 responses to “Pre-Inca Mummy Found in Cuzco

  1. This is incredibly interesting, I can’t believe this isn’t in the news! Thank you for sharing!

    • Isn’t it? I think a lot of stuff from here doesn’t make the news outside of Peru. I guess some may think that it is just another mummy, but I always find it amazing when you discover something that is SO old. There is so little from that long ago.

  2. Paprika

    Hello =) I don’t know your name so don’t know how to address you =P so anyway, I find your blog very very interesting. So I nominated you for the ‘Liebster Blog Award’ at my blog –

    =D looking forward to more interesting posts. have a nice day!! =)

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