Photo of the Week – Mining in Peru

Just found this photo on Facebook today and felt I needed to share it!  This is a mining city located in the Andes in central Peru.  The mine produces lead, zinc and sliver; copper used to be mined as well, but it has been depleted.  This is not a post about the reasons why or why we shouldn’t mine, or an opinion about the environment, etc.  I merely posted this because it shows the crazy things that go on in Peru sometimes.  How many countries would let its cities build that close to a mine?  This is horrible, I just hope the sides of the excavation are stable!

Mine in Peru - Andes Mountain

Andes Mountain Mining in Peru



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2 responses to “Photo of the Week – Mining in Peru

  1. Wow, just one freak storm and half the town will be at the bottom of the pit.

    • Yes! And here in Peru, it doesn’t take a lot of water to really get a slide going, as stuff can be a bit shoddy, especially in the provinces and small towns. Kind of looks like the city is sitting at the gates of Hell…

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