Video: How Peruvian Are Nebraskans?

Peru in the USA - Nebraska

Been quite busy at work this past week, so haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and write unfortunately.  However, I did come across this video on Youtube the other day and thought I would share it with you.

Peru is a very patriotic country and they are growing their worldwide image as more than just “Land of the Incas”.  Probably the most noteworthy current rise to fame is the food.  Peruvian food is delicious and they know it.  Not too spicy and not too bland, it has a great mixture of ingredients and fusions from the many different cultures that have immigrated and become part of the country.

This video, however, was created not for the purpose of educating the world about Peru, but as a national promotion for Peruvian pride; hence, the video is in Spanish but with English subtitles.  The premise of the video is that PromPeru (the governmental body in charge of promoting Peru as a brand) took all the “best” from Peru (mainly celebrities from various categories like culinary, dance, etc.) in South America to the city of Peru in Nebraska, USA.  The idea was to show them (Peruvian Nebraskans) what it really means to be “Peruvian”.  Pretty clever, huh?  If you don’t already know, this city is a tiny place where it is most likely, few if any, have had any experience outside of the USA, let alone Peru.  This video is considered to be like a mini documentary and won a lot of awards.

Let me know what you think!  Oh, and just so you know, in Spanish Peru has an accent on the “u”, so it is Perú.  You will see why that matters at the end of the video.



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2 responses to “Video: How Peruvian Are Nebraskans?

  1. This was absolutely brilliant, I LOVED it! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    • Wasn’t it? I found that to be so clever, and I am glad there was a city called Peru in the US. All I could think about was how different this video would be if they had gone to Lima, Ohio instead (as I believe that is a march larger city). I really wish that the US would be as patriotic as Peru, and especially Brazil. We keep saying that we are, but when you see how much effort these other countries put into developing themselves and showing their pride…well, it goes much further than 4th of July and just slapping a flag pin on your lapel or bumper sticker on your car.

      I would love to see something like this for the US. There are a lot of things that we as a country probably do not know about ourselves!

      Thanks for taking the time to watch this and I am glad you enjoyed it!

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