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Philips Unveils Sexy Urban Beehive Concept | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World

You see!?  Even the bees are going urban these days!  I thought this was really interesting/cool, although I am not exactly sure how sexy it is.  Unless of course you drizzle that honey all over you…but what a waste of fresh honey!

I am not sure if this is really practical, though.  I mean, how would you really get the honey out by pulling on the string?  Wouldn’t that somehow annoy the bees?  And do I really want to invite that potential “bee hive” of activity into my house (sorry, I just couldn’t resist!)?

What do you think?  Would you like to have this in your house?

“Philips’ just unveiled a new concept for an urban beehive that would allow anyone to become an amateur bee keeper – even those who live in apartments with no backyards. The pod-like hive attaches to a hole cut into a pane of glass. Once affixed, the glass covered pod on the inside of the window would allow you to peer into the hive while the white entryway on the outside would allow the bees the freedom come and go. Best of all, with the pull of a small cord you can have all of the fresh honey your heart desires.”


Urban Bee Hive

via Philips Unveils Sexy Urban Beehive Concept | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World.


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Peruvian Food

This is part of an article I wrote for the company I work for in Lima.  I write articles and snippets geared towards people who are looking to move abroad and are thinking about Peru.

“Perhaps one of the biggest fear for people when moving away from their home country is the fear of what new foods they will be eating, and whether or not they will be able to eat as they did at home.  In Peru, this should not be a concern, as the country is regarded worldwide as being a gastronomic feast for the palette. 

There is a wide range of choices to choose from ranging from mild to wild! Traditional dishes such as ceviche, papas rellenas (stuffed potatoes filled with meat) and pollo a la brasa (rotisserie chicken) can be had anywhere.  If you are a bit more adventurous, you can try a local delicacy, cuy (guinea pig).  Food varies according to the region, but just about everything can be had in cosmopolitan Lima.   

If you are feeling a bit homesick, you can always find plenty of choices from the USA and international cuisines such as, Chinese, Indian, Mediterranean, Japanese, Italian, etc.   And of course, there is Starbucks and even Pinkberry.”

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Make some extra $

So, I had the bright idea of making a little extra cash by selling some stuff from the States here in Lima.  It seems like people are so hungry to get products from the USA because they are either 1. Cheaper or 2. Not available here.

I talked to a friend here in Lima and he tole me lotions from Victoria’s Secret were very popular and since he is a gym guy, that the protein powders and pills were pretty popular (but expensive).  So when I went home for a visit, I stopped by Victoria’s Secret and stocked up on lotion and Vitamin Shoppe for some protein powder and weight loss pills that my friend mentioned were popular here.

Anyway, if anyone in Lima is interested in purchasing or knows anyone that would like, I have created a new Facebook Page: USA Shop which you can find at

Here you will find pictures and prices of everything that I have now, and the next time I go home I will pick up more stuff and update the page as I have new stock.  If you have any questions, ask me here or on Facebook.

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Rode a bike for the first time in 3 years

So, my friend has been asking me for some time to go bike riding with him and see parts of the city (Lima) that I don’t always see because I am lazy to walk sometimes.  Since today is a holiday here, I decided to finally take him up on his offer.  I headed over to his place, did a few practice laps in the parking garage (it has been 3 years!) and then we opened the garage door and ventured out into traffic!

All I can say is…thank goodness it was a holiday here and there was no traffic!  Whoever said that riding a bike is something you never forget is right.  What s/he forgot to mention was that reacquainting oneself with balance and speed took some time to master!  Haha  I had some wobbly, shaky times in the first hour, but it does come back to you.  The only problem is that the streets of Lima are not really the glass smooth blacktops I am accustomed to back home in California.  Trying to avoid potholes and not ruin his classic was a whole other story.  I was trying to stay close to the sidewalks, but darting in and out of the middle of the road trying to avoid these holes…well, I wouldn’t have been able to do it with traffic.  I am not sure how everyone rides bikes here…but I definitely would not invest in an expensive one, that is for sure.

But today brought back memories of the last time I rode a bike, which was with my Brazilian friend.  We were traveling across Europe and stopped in Vienna for a few days to visit a friend of hers.  As we were walking the city, we saw that they had bike rentals.  She had the crazy idea to rent them and zip around the city and be like a “local”.  Talk about a fairytale dream that needed a dose of reality!  Turns out, she hadn’t been on a bike in a LONG time.  She was zigging and zagging all over the place trying to get balanced and then ended up ripping her pants on the seat.  It was hilarious.  But eventually she got the swing of it and we were off to visit the sites.  It was refreshing and nice to see a city that was bike friendly.  Lima definitely is not but the main avenue I travel to work has a handy bike lane in the middle and I have to say, after today, I am sort of thinking I could bike to work.  I would definitely be the only person riding with a tie and patent leather shoes, but no one said you can’t be stylish while riding.

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