FYI: Tap Water in Peru Makes You Gay

Tap water makes you flaming

Came across this little gem today:

Apparently, the mayor of the city of Huarmey has thoroughly researched and presented his case to the scientific community at large stating that high levels of strontium, a metal found in the local water, have the incredible power to turn you gay.  You may scoff at this accusation, but try passing through the town of Tabalosos (the source of Huarmey’s water) without bumping into a disco ball!  Due to the water, this poor town’s 14,000 male residents have all turned gay!!

Read more here and see the concern the mayor has for the self-esteem of the youth of his town.  I wonder who he knows in the filtered water industry?

Oh and P.S. ladies, this only affects men.  Somehow I have the feeling that if this was a problem afflicting only women, the mayor wouldn’t be so concerned…maybe even encourage the drinking of the tap water?

File this one under: “REALLY? Are you serious?!”


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